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During the past several decades, the medicinally important phyto-constituents have been identified including essential oil, flavonoids and other polyphenols, fatty acids and alkaloids. A survey of the literatures shows Houttuynia cordata possesses a variety of pharmacological activities including antiviral, antitumor, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidative effects.

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The uses differ from one country to another. In China, H.
cordata has been used to treat anisolobis sores. The
documented folk uses and indications in China were
listed in detail in Table 1. In Korea, it has been used for
the treatment of cough, pneumonia, bronchitis, dysentery,
dropsy, leukorrhea, uteritis, eczema, herpes simplex,
acne, chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps [11,17]. In Thai-
land, it has been used for immune stimulization and as
anticancer agent [18]. In Japan, it has been mainly used
as diuretics [19] and also used for the treatment of stom-
ach ulcers [20], the control of the infection [21], and as
antimicrobial [22,23], antitumor [24], promoting agents
for the production of an antibiotic substance by a strain
of gram-positive, spore-bearing bacilli [25]. In India, the
shoot has been used for the freshness, good sleep, heart
disorders by Apatani who have traditionally settled in
seven villages in the Ziro valley of Lower Subansiri dis-
trict of Arunachal Pradesh in the Eastern Himalayan re-
gion of India [26]. Besides general medicinal uses, H.
cordata is employed as food (Table 2) and cosmetic for-
mulations. In Korea and Japan, H. cordata is frequently
used in combination with other herbal medicines as cos-
metic. Its extraction are used as cosmetic composition for
preventing or treating wrinkle [27], preventing chapped
skin [28], antiaging [29,30], improving the skin condi-
tions [31], removing freckles and skin-whitening [30].
The fermented extract with other herbal medicine are
used for alleviating atopic dermatitis [32] and other skin
troubles [33], owing to the anti-inflammatory and skin-
calming effect, pruritus-alleviating effect, and humidify-
ing effect of this composition. The extraction is also used
for protecting or nourishing hair and preventing dandruff

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