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Scientific Name Curcuma caesia , Enhances stamina, Pain Reliever, Cure colitis, Relief in lung diseases, Defend osteoarthritis, Leucoderma, Natural Anti-Oxidant, Itchy skin, Controls Weight-Loss and regulates Blood Sugar, Cancer, Lung Illnesses

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Health Benefits of Black Turmeric

Black Turmeric has lots of uses and benefits, it’s even thought of as being an herbal adaptogen. The curcumin present in all three kinds of Turmeric (black, white and yellow Turmeric) is what makes them very effective medicinally. However, like any other medicinal plants/herbs, it has specific uses and purposes. Illnesses, such as a toothache, are just one of the back Turmeric’s most common uses. Here are the top health benefits of Black Turmeric

1. Lung Illnesses (such as bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.)

Black Turmeric is quite beneficial to improve or treat lung illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. Again, the curcumin in Black Turmeric is the miracle worker here. This is because the compounds found in Turmeric do not interfere with the lung treatment of conventional drugs as well as our immune system’s good cells (unlike chemotherapy or some other medical treatments).

2. Leucoderma

Those suffering from the skin condition leucoderma, can apply black haldi on their patches. A readymade lotion too is available in the market.

3. Pain Reliever

Black Turmeric is considered an excellent pain reliever. From rashes, toothaches, osteoarthritis to stomach problems, Black Turmeric can help relieve situations like these. Do note, however, that despite all these good effects, it must be taken in moderation or its proper dosage. Depending on what particular illness you are trying to cure or how much pain you are feeling.

4. Cancer

It is scientifically proven that the Black Turmeric’s curcumin can help prevent cancer cells from growing. It has also been proven that they modify pre-cancerous changes in the body organs. More research also show that the conventional chemotherapy paired with Turmeric can be a powerful combo in opposing cancer cells.  So if you are looking for an anti-cancer remedy which doesn’t have side effects, you might want to look into the Black Turmeric.

5. Controls Weight-Loss and regulates Blood Sugar

Black Turmeric helps in the breakdown of dietary fat in the body. If you are looking for that ideal body weight, adding a little bit of turmeric to your daily curries could be a starter for you! Efficient bile production aids in better digestion and prevents liver disease. It decreases the risks of developing insulin resistance in the body.

6. Itchy skin

Black turmeric can also help overcome skin itch. This is because the content in black turmeric is capable of being an anti-inflammatory so besides overcoming itchy skin, turmeric can also be used as anti-inflammatory on the skin itchy.

7. Natural Anti-Oxidant

This is the most common quality of the Black Turmeric and the other two types of Turmeric. They are natural antioxidants. Curcumin present in Turmeric is very effective in neutralizing free radicals. This is why if taken in moderation; the Black Turmeric can neutralize the free radicals which our body cannot. Thus, negating the effects of aging and cancer cells. Pair your Turmeric based dishes with some antioxidant fruits for dessert and voila! An effective anti-cancer and aging meal for the day is ready.

8. Defend osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a pain and stiffness in joints. This disease mostly causes damage to the articular cartilage that exists in between joints of the joints. Black turmeric is found in Ibuprofen, which can correct the pain of old osteoarthritis.

9. Relief in lung diseases

Black turmeric is used in diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. If you are worried about the new or old type of wet cough, turmeric is a panacea for this. For this, you can take turmeric bumps and wash it and grind its juice and drink it. This will soon remove your cough. Substance known as kurkumini in turmeric removes the element that causes the lung cancer. It decreases inflammation of the lungs and reaches patients with asthma.

10. Cure colitis

Consumption of black turmeric extract is beneficial for treating colitis. You can take black turmeric supplements, twice a day after meals. It will relieve colitis and support digestion.

11. Enhances stamina

Like the other members of Ginger Family, these Rhizomes act as a nutritional supplement, a powerful medicinal herb to your diet. It increases stamina and vitality if consumed in small quantities. One should not consume turmeric black more than 500 mg per day beyond which could be hazardous to a human body.


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