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Kariyat, Fahtalaijone (Scientific Name: Andrographis paniculata) The herbs are characterized by a variety of inhibitors and symptoms and are now being processed into powder or capsules for body maintenance

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Properties of Kariyat The best herbal remedy for the flu.
Posted on 26/06/2018 by phumisak

Kariyat (Scientific Name: Andrographis paniculata) The herbs are characterized by a variety of inhibitors and symptoms and are now being processed into powder or capsules for body maintenance. It is popular.

Kariyat Tops of Nature Properties for the disease.
Both leaves and flowers can be used to heal the body. Anti-antibiotics can relieve the disease with this herb. There are three major types of drugs.

1. Andrographolide

2. Neo-Andrographolide

3. deoxy-andrographolide

Features and Benefits Kariyat
As a biennial plant Not very high There are green leaves. Branched branches. The flowers are dark purple on the inside. A tree is suitable for the rainy season. Water is not like the sun, leaves, flowers, and roots have medicinal properties. Kariyat is a medicinal plant that treats flu symptoms. It can be made into a variety of drugs, either as a powdered, granulated, boiled drink or eat fresh.

Kariyat and its benefits to healing
1. Immune to the body. Reduce the flu.

2. Treatment of typhoid fever

3. The leaves are inhaled to cough. Relieve nasal congestion, nasal secretion, nasal discharge.

4. Help solve the heat. Helps to balance the body temperature.

5. Can inhibit cancer cells.

6. Can kill bacteria. And kill the virus in the body.

7. The leaves to treat dermatitis. Kill the germs in fresh wounds.

8. The leaves to cure shingles, hemorrhoids, and abscesses.

9. Drinking water will help to cure diarrhea, diarrhea and kill germs in the intestines.

10. Helps to alleviate diabetes. Help maintain blood sugar levels.

11. The leaves contribute to appetite.

12. Properties stimulate white blood cells.

13. Root can help solve hair loss.

14. treatment of fresh wounds. The powder is then melted water to replace the tincture.

15. Cure nausea The flowers and leaves are ground into powder and inhaled to help resolve vomiting and nausea.

16. Reduce the contraction of the gastrointestinal tract.

17. Reduce intestinal water loss. From the Toxic Bacteria

18. Useful to the liver. Help prevent cirrhosis from alcohol poisoning.

19. Leaves and roots help treat diabetic wounds.

20. Reduce bleeding in the anus. And pain while shooting.

21. Antioxidant properties.

Caution in using Kariyat
1. Pregnant women should not eat this herb.

2. Do not eat this herb for a long time.

3. Side effects of abdominal pain. Waist or back pain and palpitations.

4. Do not use this herb in patients with rheumatoid arthritis or fever.

5. Side effects of the drug are flatulence, indigestion.

6. Do not use the drug for a long time because it makes the arms weak.

The properties and benefits of knowing that Kariyat is a fresh cold herb that is suitable to treat the symptoms of the flu. The disease is due to high temperature.

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