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Bamboo charcoal also called takesumi (takezumi)or chikutan (tikutan) in japanese,it is come from bamboo which canbonized under high temperature,there are innummerable holes crosswise is its structure,it is said that the inner surface of bamboo charcoal reach 300 to 700 square meter per gram,in such large space micobe can easy absorb on it ,and the volatile bamboo charcoal contained suplly rich nutriment for microbe,so bamboo charcoal (takesumi) possessed great absorption effect and the microbe it absorbed can decompose the absorbed ingredients clearly.if processing bamboo charcoal under very high temperature 1,000 ºC ,it will emit far infrared ray,release minus ion,absorb electromagnetic wave, bamboo charcoal(takesumi)also possesses rich trace elements and natural mineral, such as calcium,potassium,sodium and iron etc,for this characteristic,bamboo charcoal is widely used is our daily life and in agriculture , medicine , textile , military affair , electronics , industry etc.the following is part usage of bamboo charcoal in our daily life

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Bamboo charcoal ( takesumi ) has great absorption and decompose ability , release minus ion , emit  far infrared ray , keep off electromagnetic wave , so bamboo charcoal is widely used in our daily life , in agriculture,industry......

What’s Bamboo charcoal ?

How does Bamboo charcoal(takesumi) effect ?

Bamboo charcoal also called takesumi (takezumi)or chikutan  (tikutan) in japanese,it is come from bamboo which canbonized under high temperature,there are innummerable holes crosswise is its structure,it is said that the inner surface of bamboo charcoal reach 300 to 700 square meter per gram,in such large space micobe can easy absorb on it ,and the volatile bamboo charcoal contained suplly  rich nutriment  for microbe,so bamboo charcoal (takesumi) possessed great absorption effect and the microbe it absorbed can decompose the absorbed ingredients clearly.if processing bamboo charcoal under very high temperature 1,000 ºC  ,it will emit far infrared ray,release minus ion,absorb electromagnetic wave, bamboo charcoal(takesumi)also  possesses rich trace elements and  natural mineral, such as calcium,potassium,sodium and iron etc,for this  characteristic,bamboo charcoal is widely used is our daily life and in agriculture , medicine , textile , military  affair ,  electronics , industry etc.the following is part usage of bamboo charcoal in our daily life: 

1.deodorant and purifying air agent:
It absorb odour,smell,moisture,release minus ion,so it can be used in room,kitchen,toilet,closet,shoes' boxes,car absorb harmful gas released from polyboard,paint,so it can be used in new building or new decorating room. 

2.Purify polluted river and domestic sewage:
It absorb harmful material,detergent,bad smell etc. 

3.Purify drinking water :
It absorb chlorine,harmful materials and release minerals and trace elements. 

4.For cooking rice:
It remove the chlorine smell,absorb the pesticide and other harmful material remained in rice and release minerals trace elements,so it make rice more tasty.

5.For bath:
Bamboo charcoal absorb harmful materials ,bad smell ,chlorine in water,release minerals and trace elements ,it make your body warm,moisturized skin and keep it fresh and protected,so you have a felling of hot spring.

6.For bedding :
Bamboo charcoal absorb odour,sweat,moisture,emit far infrared ray,release minus ion and warm your body,increasing the cells’ activities,accelerate the blood circulation,improve body enviroment,it emit minus ion and infrared ray  which calm your mind,relax your body ,eliminate fatigue,so it is helpful to your sleep. 

7.Keep free from electromagnetic wave:
Bamboo charcoal absorb electromagnetic wave,so use it in home or office to absorb this wave emited from electric appliance. 

8.Adjust humidity under bed and under building:
Bamboo charcoal absorb moisture. In moist season it absorb moisture and in arid  season it release moisture,it also keep away from insect because it contain less tar,so it is used   under bed or under building 

What is the different compare with wood charcoal ?
Bamboo charcoal has countless small holes lengthwise and crosswise,if compared with wood charcoal,the number of holes is about four times,the mineral constituent eight times and abosorption  power ten times than wood charcoal.if compared the inner surface of it,wood charcoal is about 50 square  meter per gram,bamboo charcoal is about 300-700square meter per gram,so bamboo charcoal has better absorption effect.


How to use bamboo charcoal in our daily life ?
Deodorant effect and keeping free from moisture , purify air , reduce electromagnetic waves from electric appliances Put into living room , office etc. 

For flower vase : 
Bamboo charcoal makes flower last  provide better aerate and humidity condition and neutralize the oxidized soil and help plants grow. 


For an aquarium :
Bamboo charcoal  makes  watertank keep clean. 


For mattress,pillow,cushion :
Bamboo charcoal emits minus ion which relaxes you and helps you to sleep,it will also warm your body with the effect of far infrared ray,absorb the humidity,odour,insect repelling etc.  


For fry :
keeps oil in good condition and makes fries crispy.  


For your bath :
Bamboo charcoal  makes your skin soft and your body warm just as you take hot spring bath and it is also effective for athlete’s feet and  dermtosis. 

1.Put 300g bamboo charcoal granular or pieces or more into the mesh bag 
2.Place the bag in the bathtub. 
3.Add hot water 
4.Remove it after use. 

You can use one bag for up to two months.bamboo charcoal works to keep your skin fresh,moist and eliminate bad odour in the bath water and purify the water.wash roughly in tap water about once a week.  

Make mineral water 
1.Wash bamboo charcoal thoroughly with a brush or sponge.never use detergent 
2.Put bamboo charcoal into water and boil over low heat for about 10 minutes 
3.Remove bamboo charcoal and allow to dry. 
4.Put 100g bamboo charcoal into 1L water.leave it for a few hours.the result is mineral water. 
5.Boil bamboo charcoal once a week for maximun can use one piece for a month.  

Cook tasty rice :
The chlorine smell will be removed and absorbed the  pesticide and other harmfull material to human beings remained in rice and make it nutritious.

1.Wash bamboo charcoal well 
2.Put 3 piece into pan.  


For refrigerator:
Absorb foul food odour,maintain the freshness of food,avoid deterioration..  


Plant growth encouragement :
Put bamoo charcoal on the fertilizer in the flower pots or  planters.the mineral components of bamboo charcoal dissolved and it keeps plants fresh and gives them long also removes bad odors from water with its water purifying action. 


For odor humidity protection:
Put it in  car ,in shoe box,toilet room,ketching room,it removes odour and humidity .  


The Effects of Bamboo Charcoal 

 1 Drinking Water

Bamboo Charcoal eliminates any odours in water and naturally creates mineral water, minus ion.  Bamboo inhales the minerals from the soil in minutes. For this reason it grows quickly.  Bamboo Charcoal contains water-soluble natural minerals like Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium which go out into the water while purifying the water at the same time.  Bamboo Charcoal Water is delicious and healthy because it absorbs adverse substances such as chlorine


2 The Deodorant Effect

Bamboo Charcoal high adsorption power makes it the most powerful natural deodorizer known to mankind.  Just place Bamboo Charcoal in your car, room, refrigerator, garbage can, shoe boxes, WC etc to eliminate bad odours.


3  Absorption of toxic substances and  decomposition  by  microbes

The multi-porous structure of Bamboo Charcoals allow it to adsorb the contaminants in the air or water, the contaminants are then decomposed by the microbes
living inside the pores of Bamboo Charcoal.


4  Infrared emits Natural Heat

 Bamboo Charcoal emits Infrared Radiation Heat that stimulates your blood circulation when placed in the bath-tub.


5 Minus-Ion effect

Bamboo Charcoal reacts to water and breeze


6 Adsorption of Electromagnetic Wave

Bamboo Charcoal adsorbs electromagnetic waves from Televisions / Computers that may be harmful to your health


Since Bamboo Charcoal absorbs detergent easily,
NEVER USE DETERGENT. If deodorant contaminates the Bamboo Charcoal, immediately, discard it.
Never use Bamboo Charcoal with water that is unsafe or of unknown quality.

Individuals using water of special microbiological purity 
must follow the advice of their doctor or local health officials regarding the use and consumption of their tap water with Bamboo Charcoal water.

1.   Wash Bamboo Charcoal thoroughly with a brush or sponge.  Never uses a detergent!
2.      Put Bamboo Charcoal into water and boil over low heat for about 10 minutes.
3.      Remove Bamboo Charcoal and allow to dry.
4.      Put 100g Bamboo Charcoal into 1L water.  Leave it for a few hours.  The result is mineral water!

Boil Bamboo Charcoal once a week for maximum effect.  You can use one peace for a month

For your bath
1.     Put 300 g. or more Bamboo Charcoal into the mesh bag.
2.     Place one bag in the bathtub.
3.     Add hot water.
4.     Remove after use. 
You can use one bag for up to two months.

Bamboo Charcoal works to keep your skin fresh, moist and protected.  It eliminates bad odor in the bath water and purifies the water.  Wash roughly in tap water about once a week.

Hot spring effects in your home. Infrared rays are discharged naturally from Bamboo Charcoal.  As a result, the circulation improves and the body feels warmer.  This helps you to fall into a deep sleep.  


Performance of Bamboo Charcoal

Water Pyramid's BAMBOO CHARCOALS are made from Japanese Bamboo used only for making the finest quality bamboo charcoals.  These are exclusively available to us.  We do not try too hard to make our BAMBOO CHARCOAL products look good, we keep it simple, so you will be more aware of the natural beauty they hold.

To keep flowers fresh

Adding Bamboo charcoal to a vase with cut flowers to reduce impurities and bleaching powders  present in most tap water.  Cleaner water means flowers that last longer.

For an aquarium
Sink a few peaces of Bamboo Charcoal into your aquarium to create a healthy environment for fish.


Vegetables and fruit last longer
Keep Bamboo Charcoal with vegetables and fruit to ensure longer lasting reshness.  Bamboo Charcoal absorbs the ethylene gas from vegetables and fruit.


Discarded Bamboo Charcoal can use in the garden to improve the soil.

Bamboo Charcoal participates in environmental conservation.  In various experiments Bamboo Charcoal eliminates microbes.  Furthermore; acidulation of the soil by the acid rain is neutralized with the alkalinity of the Bamboo Charcoal.  It has understood to have the effectiveworkthatimproves soil.  In Japan many people use Bamboo Charcoal for their home garden and a flower bed.

Mixing Bamboo Charcoal at the rate of 20 %-30 % to soil.  In the case you have already planted, sows Bamboo Charcoal the surroundings.

Maintenance / Reactivation

Washing Bamboo Charcoal
For Bamboo Charcoal used for drinking / bathing water, use scrubbing brush and wash well in running water.
DO NOT USE ANY DETERGENTS!!! Bamboo Charcoal will absorb the chemicals and keep them inside.  

Sterilization by Boiling
1.     Boil Bamboo Charcoal for 10-15 minutes. 
2.     Dry in cool dark place afterward. 

For the use for drinking water / cooking / bathing, wash and boil sterilize Bamboo Charcoal from time to time, and replace them with new Bamboo Charcoal every three month. 

Discarded Bamboo Charcoal can use in the garden to improve the soil


What is Bamboo Charcoal?

Bamboo Charcoal is liquid enriched from the smoke of burned bamboo.  It has countless small holes lengthwise and crosswise not visible to the eyes.  Compared with wood charcoal, the number of holes is 4 times greater, the mineral constituent is 8 times greater, and absorbing power is 10 times greater.  The holes purify water and work as an antibacterial, a moisture-proof, and a deodorant. This gives off the same effect as an infrared light.  It contains natural mineral ingredients such as potassium, calcium, and iron, all of which dissolve easily in water.  It is effective for cell revitalization.  Bamboo Charcoal does not include any artificial substances.  It is environment-friendly.  It is a natural part of  healthy lifestyle.  Try it once! 


Where does the power of Bamboo Charcoal come from?

The roots of bamboo drink the soil's nourishment in a cocktail-like form that contains: iron magnesium, potassium among others.  Once all these invaluable minerals are absorbed, workers carefully split and then set fire to the bamboo allowing it to carbonize for approximately 70 hours.  After one month of meticulous preparation, Charcoal Bamboo is ready. 


Bamboo Charcoal Specifications
1. Fixed Carbon
85 % ~ 88 %
2.Volatile Matter
6 % ~ 8 %
3. Ash Content
2 % ~ 4 %
4. Moisture Content
5 % ~

Physical and Chemical Indexes

Physical and chemical indexes of bamboo charcoal should accord with the requirement showed in Table or be implemented according to the agreement that has been made. 


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