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Butea Superba is not new in Asia. It seems people in Thailand are aware of this botanical native for many years. In Thailand, this herb is traditionally used men to enhance male fertility and improve the sexual libido at an older age. Thai people also call this herb as the “rejuvenating herb.”

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With the increasing demands of herbs and herbal supplement, many researchers are now introducing many preexisting herbs with tremendous health benefits. One such interesting herb is the Butea superba. Because of its most interesting health benefits, Butea Superba is gradually becoming very popular. This is one of those few herbs that has multiple of health benefits, including fatigue reduction, stimulating male fertility, improving the conditions in cancer patients and even lowering cholesterol.

Butea Superba is not new in Asia. It seems people in Thailand are aware of this botanical native for many years. In Thailand, this herb is traditionally used men to enhance male fertility and improve the sexual libido at an older age. Thai people also call this herb as the “rejuvenating herb.” After a number of researchers, it has been clear that this herb from the Papilionaceae family has several health benefits. Out of many of its species, only two varieties are commercially grown. Although there are very few scientific pieces of evidence to support the health benefits of this herb as a natural sexual enhancer, many users claim to have benefited from using this herb for a period of time. After a lot of online searches, I have come across some of the top health benefits of this herb.

Here is the list.

Butea Superba and its health benefits.

Male fertility enhancer:

People in Thailand already use this herb for centuries now. For them, this herb is a natural male performance booster. Butea Superba does contain some phytoandogens, which act as the androgenic hormones found in males. These hormones help men getting rid of fatigue, increase their muscle tone, improve their stamina and enhance their fertility. Those struggling with low energy and minimal strength can strongly benefit from this herb and its supplements. The male hormone-mimicking substances in Butea Superba naturally helps a person experiencing a boost in libido and sexual performance. Men with erectile dysfunction can also be benefited by using this herb. The positive hormonal effects of this herb can improve this health condition in males.

Cancer Treatment:

Although there are not many scientific pieces of evidence to prove the effects of Butea Superba and its effects on cancer, studies have claimed that this herb has some anti-carcinogenic effects. The phytochemicals present in this herb help in preventing a number of enzymatic reactions that usually occur inside the body of a cancer patient. Butea Superba can actually prevent multiplication of cancerous cells by blocking certain signals.

Improves cardiovascular health:

With some active flavonoids and phytonutrients, Butea Superba can help improving the cardiovascular function in a person. It seems the herb helps in lowering cholesterol level drastically, which is why it has a tremendous positive impact on the heart health. Although the exact mechanism behind the effects is still unclear, it is true that Butea Superba can improve a person’s heart condition. Rebalancing the hormonal levels is another effect of this herb. That eventually helps to keep the blood pressure under control, which in turn helps to improve the heart health.

Prevents hair Loss:

People with problems like alopecia and hair loss have found positive effects of Butea Superba. This herb can help strengthen your hair, prevent hair thinning and hair loss. Extracts of this herb can also stimulate hair growth in men and women.

Anti-Inflammation properties:

Butea Superba has certain compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties. People with inflammatory diseases, gout and hemorrhoids can be tremendously benefited from this herb. This herb can also be used for the treatment of patients with arthritis.

Bone Health:

Repeated use of this herbal supplement can help improve bone mineral density and joint health. People suffering from osteoporosis can be highly benefited by using this herb. Also, those with a regenerative bone disease can use Butea Superba for better bone health.

Those who are allergic to herb and herbal supplements should consult with a doctor before taking or using Butea superb. Pregnant and lactating women should never use any herbal supplement without consulting with their ob-gyn. Although there are no record of adverse effects of Butea Superba in woman and infants, the herb’s effects on hormonal balance can be dangerous for the mother and the baby. Therefore, speaking with your medical health advisor is highly recommended. You can also read more about Spartagen XT.

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